Have you been travelling in the past 4 weeks

Were you in contact with someone who has been tested positive for COVID-19

Were you in contact with a person suspected to have the disease

Have you had a fever (more than 37.8) in the past 48 hours

Do you have a cough or has it increased recently

Are you out of breath faster than usual

Do you have sore throat

Have you had muscle pain in the past days

Have you had diarrhea

Have you had a headache

Do you feel tired or weak

Have you been suffering from these symptoms for less than 2 weeks

Are you more than 50 years old

Do you have hypertension

Do you have diabetes

Do you have heart disease

Do you have kidney disease

Do you have cancer

Do you have chronic lung disease

Do you have a disease resulting in immunodeficiency (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Psoriasis, Multiple Sclerosis, Sarcoidosis...)

Are you currently on steroids

Are you currently on immunosuppressive treatment

Are you obese

Are you pregnant

Do you smoke

Do you work in healthcare industry

As a health care worker, were you adhering to the protective precautions when you are in contact with patients